Vocademia: an exploration and a construction


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Why a Website?

Unusually for a fairly academic pursuit, I have opted to use a website to house my exploration and construction.  The reasons I have chosen to use a website format as opposed to the more traditional essay based format are several:-
1 It is closer to the way my brain works, and maybe yours too, ie, in a mostly non-linear and creative way; randomly constructing information as it comes to me.
2 I use multimedia in my exploration, such as video, graphics, images, and a blog; which are better housed in a website, than any other format I think. Likewise, I avoid using words such as study, investigation and examination, as I believe we can find out a great deal through playfulness, creativity, and yes, joviality.
3 My hope is to get feedback from this website, to try and keep it constantly updateable, and hopefully relevant; and as there is already a blog started on this website for this,it will be easy too.
4 I really like the fact that I can publish my work, making it live, as opposed to saving it, and storing it in a less accessible place. There is something more gratifying and hence motivating about producing something that may well be used by a larger audience than it would if it were merely recorded in an essay format.
5 The majority of my exploration is about the benefits intellectually, of making something, as opposed to purely thinking about something abstractly. By building this website to accommodate my exploration, I believe I am more in line with the spirit of this endeavour, and the ideas underpinning it.
6 There is a sense of informality about a website, in comparison to an essay based format, which appeals to the iconoclast in me. I have a sneaking feeling that very little that is written in a studiously academic style is ever truly read, let alone enjoyed. Perhaps a website is ultimately doomed to a similar fate, but I'm hoping that by its very modern nature, this might allow it some ulterior interest, and so longevity.