Vocademia: an exploration and a construction


1 Could you possibly describe the profile of a typical creative + media diploma student?
2 What do you think the "ideal" creative + media student would be like?



06/04/2009 04:33

In our school... pupils who have been told to take it due to choosing media GCSE and one other creative subject. Others pupils who interested in the arts and like to work practically.
Ideal student... A pupil who was interested in the media workplace, good organisation skills, the ability for independant learning.

06/09/2009 00:14

1. A typical C&M student in our school is somebody who is arguably weaker than your average pupil academically. Also quite probably practical/creative (but not on an Art level; paints, pastels, glue) and "likes films!".

06/09/2009 00:17

2. Ideal C&M student: A risk taker, thinks outside the box, practical, interest in the media industry (web, film, theatre, t.v etc)and has 'an eye'.

06/10/2009 04:32

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