Vocademia: an exploration and a construction


Could you give an example where your planning, delivery, or student outcome evidenced what might be termed vocademic?


Mike Tomlinson, the Chairman for the group who created the diploma said,
"And the sad fact is that we need many more young people to go into the vocational route and to regard them as high quality and leading to high-quality jobs - and the risk is that we will fail to do that." 

He added: "My greatest fear is that vocational will continue to be seen as second best and available and taken by those who 'can't do anything better', as the phrase goes." 

My response to this fear, is to try to develop a theory which fundamentally combines academic and vocational learning, called VOCADEMIC learning and knowledge. What do you think of this idea?


Has there been any time where you thought your C+M students were using intelligent hands?


1) Can you distinguish between when you are delivering, or the students are accessing, ACADEMIC knowledge; and when you and they are involved in VOCATIONAL learning?

2) Are there any times, or can you conceive of any times, when ACADEMIC and VOCATIONAL knowledge can be blended together?






When you plan your diploma lessons what aspect of the course is most important in helping you plan effectively?
eg the students, the spec, your interests, your experience, BLP, other?


Can you think about, then tell me whether you think it is important for the diploma, with such a wide range of disciplines, to not judge and label its students as specifically artists, or actors, or photographers,  seeing our diplomats as capable of anything.

Or should we attempt to focus on encouraging the diplomats to specialise, after finding some ability within them?


At the moment, which do you prefer, teaching the diploma or your traditional GCSE classes?


Now that you are into the course, have your thoughts, ideas and feelings altered at all about the nature of the diploma? If so, in what way?


Have you had much cause to think about the academic and vocational elements of the course so far? If you had a line from VERY academic to VERY vocational, whereabouts would you place the C+M diploma on this line; more towards one end, in the middle, where?


1 Could you possibly describe the profile of a typical creative + media diploma student?
2 What do you think the "ideal" creative + media student would be like?