Vocademia: an exploration and a construction

This page is where I am slowly putting together what I have learnt from my exploration into the diploma and vocademic learning, for the purposes of an exhibition on November 24th. Because of this it is incomplete, but it will house where I put my findings from the SoW planned in the PRACTICE page, and how I will put my exhibition together.


The Vocademic Man

like the Renaissance Vitruvian man, balanced, all rounded, academic and vocational, flexible, a happy jack of all trades, fluid learning identity

The Diplomat: identifying learners

CRITERION 1 : I want to tie up what I have done so far on this course and communicate a summarised version of what I have learnt in a meaningful and helpful way to my colleagues. 
The nature of  knowledge will form the basis of the exhibition; with a few key themes:-
a) creative learning (practice unit)
b) technological learning (pedagogy unit)
c) "vocademic" learning (production unit)
d) work related learning (industry unit)

CRITERION 2: Form = an almost complete life-size 3D model, made from wire, incorporating a presentation, on November 24th Target Setting Day, in which I will be completing the model as I speak
visual cos 
1) identity is nebulous, but images are powerful
2) it will have the largest impact
3) All along, via Sennet, Claxton, Gauntlett I've been interested in looking at how education can value better products of the hand, over products of the brain, and I think that the image of the Vitruvian Man aids this.

CRITERION 3: The exhibit will stand for a week, giving time for teachers etc to reflect on vocademic learning, and hopefully place post-it notes onto the wire frame construction.

Exhibit Opening Speech

Intro - explanation of the Vitruvian man and what it was supposed to represent - and why I think it is a compelling image

My friend John -
Use Gladwell - intelligent bloke Langan
Divergent tests p89

Capability over ability

Equality - epistemological equality doesn't really exist
structuralism - binary opposition = hierarchy

aca v voc isnt just a reductionism of the complexity - but hierarchical with enormous implications and effects on schoolchildren and notions of success

The future - what my plan is

Thank you for coming today